9 Reasons why guys love Asian Girls, dating and marriage.

It’s true, some Guys really love Asian girls.

So why do guys love (or like) Asian girls?

it’s simple. here are 9 reasons:

#9:    Food.  Most Asian girls like to eat or know how to cook Chinese/Asian food on a regular basis. Most single guys developed a pattern of eating cheap Chinese food, Teriyaki, or sushi. The stereotype of the single guy with an empty Chinese take out box left in his fridge is so cliche but often true.

smallman-complex#8:    Small Man Complex.  Asian girls are generally physically smaller, this means that guy who is 5′ 5 or shorter feels ok.  He has a better chance now and doesn’t feel left out of the dating circle. Don’t you feel tall now!? No mothafuckaaa, she’s just tiny.

#7:    Sex Zen. When an Asian girl is not in the mood, her boyfriend or husband might disagree without a major conflict.  No crazy argument, battlefield with verbal machine guns, hysteria or a quick  judgement to end the relationship.

#6:    Math.  Asian girls are good at math, not all of them. But a good percentage of them do and they know how to manage finances. That ensures the relationship is more financially stable but not necessarily more romantic.

r235728_948390#5:    Dating Habits.  Asian girls date men in a very simple dating (and sometimes mundane) process. They start as friends first, go out and make it official very very very…very slowly. They don’t play exhausting mind games, and don’t “usually” hook up on the first night with that wild rockstar sexual Hollywood movie adventure moment that went straight to Netflix and fizzles out like an old pair of club boots.

#4:    Conflict. Asian girls can accept an opinion and disregard it as just an opinion. Other girls tend to disagree with a stronger pontificated vice (but not a fact) and that problem leads to a verbal fight, used as evidence in a court case, or major battlefield containing violent weapons, tear gas, and emotional explosions, don’t believe me? Go to your local divorce court and see the statistics based on ethnicity.

10151939_2164197563635483_1398496079_n#3:    Blame Hollywood.  Asian girls might appear as less romantic in the media but more practical and logical about relationships.  Disney and Hollywood tend to push these romantic movie fantasies onto Non-Asian girls, meanwhile Asian girls can accept their fate of a mediocre but long term relationship.  Asian women don’t feel the need to be a superstar or compensation for not winning all the time in life.

#2:   Discipline. When a guy says a stupid joke, the Asian girl is silent: that is enough to make him look stupid. While non-Asian girls can make it a big deal or escalate it with a rhetorical argument that causes the exact opposite of nurturing the relationship and enforcing a positive discipline of their stupid boyfriend. “The art of fighting without fighting” (Gong sound….)

#1  Statistics.  Statistically, there are more Asian women on this planet than non-Asian women.