Fixing the CSS layout for the US Gov Health Care Website

This is old news is but I heard the buzz about the problems with the US Government Health Care website so I thought the front end has got to be pretty easy to fix.  So I wanted to echo the classic words of wisdom with my fellow web developers, hackers or programmers.


“Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

-John F. Kennedy


So I decided to see that there was some padding and responsive issues with the front end user experience for mobile phones. Not a big deal. I made some mistakes in the process but overall, the front end design doesn’t take a lot of code to update the responsive elements with a little bit of adjustment to the font-size, margin and/or padding.

Keep in mind, I’m not actually fixing the website, this is just a developer tool to show you how to see the front end of the site and what you “could” do to fix something, I don’t have access to fix the Gov health website but used the dev tools as an example.

I think by now, someone that works there probably fixed the website so this is a time capsule that we can look back at and move forward.