Fixing the CSS layout for the US Gov Health Care Website

This is old news is but I heard the buzz about the problems with the US Government Health Care website so I thought the front end has got to be pretty easy to fix but don’t ask me about the back end, I have no fucking clue.  They probably hired some hard core back end developers to engineer some sophisticated but complicated large scale “Big Data” management system that can be used with millions of people.   Don’t ask me, I only do the front end.  So I wanted to echo the classic words of wisdom with my fellow web developers, hackers or programmers.

“Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

So I decided to see that there was some padding and responsive issues with the front end user experience for mobile phones. Not a big fucking deal. I made some mistakes in the process but overall, the front end design doesn’t take a lot of math to update the responsive elements with a little bit of adjustment to the font-size, margin and/or padding.  I think by now, the website is fixed so this is a time capsule that we can look back at and move forward.