Android for Programmers

android-book-deitelBefore I became a front end developer, I wanted to develop apps but the technology for mobile phones kinda sucked in the 90s.  I knew cell phones were going to get better and better though.  I was the odd ball, all my friends were fascinated by the iPhone in 2007 while I thought that it was more important the following year to have the Sony c905 8-megapixel camera phone  with a removable/upgradeable memory card, and xenon flash than an overpriced touch screen device. OK so the touch screen is important now but the removable memory card and xenon flash.  Hell yeah, that shit still better than new 2014 iPhone’s internal memory and you have to remember that c905 came out in 2008. What happens if the phone breaks and all the photos/music is stored on the phone? get it fixed or pull the memory card and get a new phone. BURN.

One down side about every phone besides the iphone was the operating system.  Let’s face it, apple fan boys did have a point. The music, integration, apps, operating system were far more superior in the late 2000s than the rest (windows/symbian/android/etc). Of course it’s 2014 getting close to 2015. Android has more users than Apple and reports of faster speeds and productivity. It’s getting really competitive so what the fuck does this have to do with anything about the book?

This book: Android for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach (Deitel Developer Series)
is great but you can learn a lot of the basic steps to develop an app from bucky on youtube or Travis from mybringback. Matter of fact, I think those dudes teach development way fucking better than those snobby professors at the local college and universities.  Another burn!  At any rate, it’s a good book that will teach you how to use the fundamentals of Java’s object oriented programming  into the SDK of the android world.  I’ve noticed the prices are getting lower on it, and the SDK version is outdated but that’s the world of deprecation.

Anyways I would rate this book 3.5 out of 5. Deitel has better Java books on their website but a lot of the techniques found in this android book can found online.  They are definitely hard-core programmers but when it comes to their web design…eh…ok.  There is definitely some science behind the left and right brain.  I will give them the left side.  Try following other developers on stack overflow, youtube, and other social media sites before purchasing this android book that gives you some cool techniques but nothing you can really useful in real life (they have an example on weather apps, calculator) , cool but you can probably download that shit for free from someone else for free and learn that on stackoverflow…and its kinda like learning the hello world of web dev. Books are important for programmers but any written instructions for new technology in Android is quickly outdated and loses its value within months. It reminds of people who buy a new car, the moment they buy it and drive it off the dealers lot, it loses its value by a third. I feel that way about books in android programming. Although I didn’t read the entire Hello Android book and only skimmed through it, it was a lot easier to read but its too late know since I know how to build basic android apps.