Another Day at the Microsoft Building in Redmond

What a bunch of horseshit. Dodgy people in a Dodgy society raising Dodgy children.

microsoft-prisonSo I went in for a morning meeting last week in a room full of people with great ideas.  It’s usually only one person with the ideas and (no names) but lets call her Jane, Jane can only be there for an hour while I’m left with a few young talented college interns and sadly, a fucking group of dodgy-ass people. So Jane introduced everyone to a popular open-source program called Scratch from MIT last Winter. I wasn’t in the project so I didn’t get a chance to meet the kids but I heard It’s a great program to teach children under 12 if they want to get a head start in computer programming. She makes it quick and shows everyone how to deal with problems that kids are having.  The best thing she said,

there’s always going to be smarter kids, when a child feels intimidated by the other kids, especially if she’s the only girl in a room full of smart boys. That can feel a bit scary.  She said, Look, if you tell a student that if you’re smarter, then you’ll get better grades, it’s wrong.  They’ll think that being smart is a gift.  You have to tell them that people get better grades because they try harder, not because they are necessarily smarter. 


I like that approach she said.  If you think about, some kids are just fucking smarter than the others in the classroom, but it doesn’t mean they will always get better grades and more importantly in the bigger picture, these so-called smart kids can bad decisions and end up as a total fuck up in life. 

I’d rather live in a world where people are sincere and struggle to get better at all aspects of life, than live in a world full smart asses and know-it-alls that prance around like douchebags in Bellevue.       

At any rate,  Jane leaves for another meeting and now I’m left alone with the college interns and the fucking epitome of all douche bags in the room takes over the helm. Aw fuck! I thought  So now we have a smart ass in charge, let’s call her “Ms. Douche”.  So the program is having issues because the kids aren’t learning, they feel neglected, and deal  with a sense of  low self esteem. The person managing the project under Jane is this new shithead known as Ms. Douche. So Ms. Douche doesn’t know jack shit about coding or basic computer science. 

She meets the parents and sells them the idea that the kids are going to get this amazing learning experience while Ms. Douche never attends the classes to see how the kids are doing and expects the college interns to take full responsibilities of their education.

Douche is getting paid a lot of money to sell sell sell and of course get fresh college students to teach young inspiring teenagers how to program on a level usually required by young College professors. 

This kind of shit is the biggest false promise for a child. 

It puts them in a much worse position than before by engaging them in a complicated computer programming course, getting unqualified teachers, and letting them fail.  They’re parents are upset because they paid a lot of money to a fucking douche, and the parents can’t teach them because they aren’t computer programmers.  If they were, they would know something is odd, the instructor doesn’t know how to code and is repeating the textbook like it’s a bad screenplay from a movie. 

I would never expect that a person like Ms. Douche, who appear to like a typical middle aged, upper-middle class woman from Redmond but unfortunately with absolutely no sense of honor or integrity. She dresses well, good mannerisms, wears glasses, but she’s a fucking evil excuse for a human being and eats children’s souls for breakfast.  

microsoft-prison2I asked her, why don’t we just teach the kids “actual” code instead of repeating some free program that they can download at home.  Let’s give them a richer and unique experience by showing them how websites actually work instead reading it from an old book.  For example, if you press this text here. It will make an alert pop up. The douche looked at me and said if you want to teach them, then you can go start your own program and charge a lot more for that.  I was impressed by her tone of voice and quick retort.  I thought she was being sarcastic but she wasn’t funny.  So I asked, does anyone in this room know how to actually code?  The room was silent…and the college interns said they know a little but they have a lot going on with graduating college, work, and social life. 

This reminds me of a baby sitting class and the parents are trying to hire the cheapest and dumbest fucking person to do the most half-fast job of raising their own child. What the fuck is going on here!?

This is Microsoft, it looks like Microsoft but at a different angle, from the top, it actually looks like a prison with a football field.  I left the meeting, grabbed a pepsi from the break room and talked with a few people who were working on robots.  I said maybe we’ll have robots that’ll teach these kids how to program better then these fucking douchebags.  If the parents don’t have the kind of programming background needed to teach their kids, and douchebags are scavenging the young harvest, what kind of future are we planning for in the next generation? Not a generation of the have’s and have nots, but those who don’t know,  know how to be a douchebag, and those who know and are going to teach you how to do right, with class and propriety. I learned that word, propriety from a really amazing English woman from England and I’ll never forget.