Are blog style websites better than regular websites?

That’s just an opinion or is it a fact?

To be honest. It really depends on what you need.  If you need a website with 5 pages and it’s about your cat… I can almost guarantee that you don’t need a blog style website. You can use facebook, pinterest, twitter or some other free social networking site.  But if you do, that’s a pretty bad ass and lucky cat to have their own fucking website.  One of the key benefits of a blog style or Content Management style (CMS) website is that you can change the links (hyperlink) a lot easier  to better describe your content, this is good for SEO.  Plus most blog style websites have all the built in features like login, update and save.

For example, it took me a few minutes to login and create this blog posting. Of course, I spent some extra time looking for a stock photo and editing it with my horrible grammar.  If I did it the regular way, I would have to create another html page from scratch and add all the scripts and codes to make sure it works.   So the title of this post is “Are blog style websites more popular than regular websites?” but the actual link is “”  it is very long but descriptive for search engines.  Most people don’t care about the links after a website domain. wordpress-learn-what-is We just want to keep things simple.  I’m not going to type in the url:

Hell No.  I would much rather go to and look for a category or topic listed in the navigation menu or search bar.  Shit, sometimes when I’m looking for something difficult to spell that I type it really half fast cause I know Google will spell check it and find it for me.

“Yes, you know you do shit like that too.”

Most people just go to Google and search “how to write a blog? ” or How do I increase my SEO?  So that’s it!  The first think Google looks for is the domain. That’s why everyone wants short and simple domains.  So a regular website is a bit arbitrary because it doesn’t mean that a blog can’t be a regular website. It just means traditional, non-database style website.  A regular website in this context is creating html files (index.html, about.html, contact.html etc etc) one by one, copying and pasting the header/footer.  But since you didn’t buy or — you have other options.  You can use blog style websites to gravitate your readers or followers to your website.

A non-blog style website is like a blank canvas for beginner/novice web designers. You can use different programming languages, libraries, and experiment with different servers/databases.  If you don’t care about trying to create your own unique website, then go with a blog that will let you export your content. Why export it? well imagine turning 100 years old and transferring all those old stories and blogs you wrote from your past and making a website for your children or turn it into an online book etc. Instead of copying and pasting everything, most blog sites have a quick way of exporting your text.  As far as images and framework, that’s a different story.  Still lost? well ask around, don’t just take advice from my blog or any crap you read on the internet, ask people around you and see if you notice that there is a common ground and see what other people use.  Do what comes natural, test the product and do the research.  Read reviews from college kids, professors, or people in the tech community.  There are tons of good resources like Wikipedia, libraries, and web development books at your public library or local book store.