Are you paying too much? Be a smarter Ninja

That is the bottom line. So most of you have purchased a ink jet printer in your life. They costs like $40 ~ $300. If you know how their business model works, they might as well give you one for free cause their ink costs like $600 in the long run. Shit, they might as well give you a back rub, massage, dinner for two in Paris, and then a nice bottle of champagne cause the consumer reports is telling you a similar story. So the consumer report shows that some of the ink can cost as much as $75.00 an ounce, more than fine champagne or a bottle of expensive perfume or cologne. Don’t believe me,
check out the proof.  So what does this have to do with anything?


rich-assholeYou can get an alternative cheaper non-brand ink for $20.00 and it would last 2 years. Big Companies like HP or Canon might get all psycho on you with their passive aggressive “No warranty” agreement if you use another cheaper ink brand or claim your will machine will break and explode.  You know that’s probably bullshit.  I’ve used the cheaper ink multiple times and I probably had one leak and it was all good after cleaning the print head with a q-tip and alcohol.  The printer companies are getting smarter with chips so you can’t use the cheaper ink but let’s face it, the chips are being replicated as the years go by.  Ink should not cost more than fine champagne, that shit is just ridiculous. Don’t worry, they got money to burn.

Let’s move on and talk about some serious web stuff now. Web domain companies like Go Daddy are doing the same thing.  They offer a domain package for 99 cents or sometimes free if you sign up for hosting for one year.  Just like the printer companies, they are giving you something at a discounted rate for first time customers and it sounds like a good deal.  Now “if” the hosting costs was $100 a month, you would probably never purchase the hosting with them, that would be stupid.  However, their introductory prices for hosting usually start at $4 – $6 per month.  Then they raise it back up to $9 to $11 a month after a year or when the contract is over.  Don’t believe me, go to godaddy and read the fine print or check this article that I wrote that investigates the prices. Lots of screenshots of different domain companies. Sometimes they have limits on how much traffic you get and the server becomes outdated. Yes, servers get outdated just like anything from fashion or mobile phones.  Some outdated servers don’t allow newer functions or provide new code needed for specific browsers.  So why are you paying full price for a hosting plan that with older technology? (example, old server with php 5.1, using a CMS program that requires php 5.4 etc). So in a sense, you might be paying $120.00 a year for old technology when you can be paying for newer, cheaper, and fast servers for half that price.


So let’s say use an analogy where the domain company is the printer and the hosting is the ink. You don’t want to renew hosting cause it’s expensive but you decide to keep the same domain cause it’s cheap.  Since most premium and high speed hosting servers cost start at $10.00 a month, you realize that you don’t need to renew it at that price, it’s time to leave.   So you research different hosting companies and they offer different options and speeds, just like ink and now you are ready to cancel…ah, not so fast young grasshopper.  Is it easy to transfer your files over? what about your email and contacts? what about the database if you have one? Did they use a custom web builder that only works on their server? Do they provide a service to transfer your information or does the new web hosting company offer it for free? Some technology companies charge as much as $1,000 to transfer your data if it’s too big.

The best advice is to find a web hosting company that isn’t going to raise your hosting cost every year or use old servers, overpriced web build programs  and equipment.  The usual response might be, “I got everything taken care of because I got the cool iWeb web builder that Apple made and everything’s going to be fine. But then you realize that you can’t use it anymore after a few years, it becomes discontinued and stops working.  Then you think, that’s fine I’ll use another program like weebly or wix, but then you realize…wait, I just wasted time building something that’s not visible or can’t be used anymore because they don’t use a certain cloud technology or the prices are going up and now I have to set up a new website.  Wait, did everything go into a full circle?