Best Less Compiler for Windows

So I was on a last minute project I needed to compile my less files. I know Google was going to give you the best option so I chose the first one. It was ok, it was some less compiler for all operating systems and then I tried it, it worked pretty. I tried it the second time, it wasn’t working right, whaaat!? It’s not a trial version, just wasn’t working. So I did what everyone else did and used the Ruby version. Ok, I had to install newest version of Ruby on the command line do it the old school way.  I stumbled upon a light and free version call winless.

Thanks to Mark Lagendijk! It was easy to use, no non-sense, and it gives you the option to minify.  I recently started using Less, although it has been around since 2009, I didn’t mind using vanilla css but it’s a good dynamic stylesheet language.  It definitely saves a lot of time and effort when you have to copy the same code over and over for multiple tags and it works really nice when nesting a lot of child classes within an element.

If you’re a mac user. Go with code kit, I heard a lot of good reviews.