Dark Souls Covenant Facebook Profile Picture Frame

In case you didn’t notice, Facebook Profile frames are popping up on the social media profiles and you can add the Dark Souls Covenant collection to show your support.
Whether you play on Steam, XBOX One, or PS4, there are nine  new profile picture frames to use for social media.

If you need help layering this image over.

Use this tool to add, edit and update your profile picture campaign.

Right click the image and save the png as a layer to your profile.


Image Covenant Focus Summary
Blade of the Darkmoon PvP Can Invade and punish players online who have Sinned
Chaos Servant PvE Can collect Humanity to unlock powerful Pyromancies and open a shortcut to Lost Izalith
Darkwraith PvP Can Invade other players to steal their Humanity
Forest Hunter PvP Can defend the borders of the Darkroot Garden from intruding online players
Gravelord Servant PvP Can infect other players with Gravelord Black Phantoms and lure them into your world for PvP battles
Path of the Dragon PvP Can challenge other players online to gain Dragon Scales and turn into a dragonoid
Princess’s Guard Co-op Can gain access to unique defensive Miracles and have a higher chance to team up with other players for co-op play
Warrior of Sunlight Co-op Can gain access to unique offensive Miracles and have a higher chance to team up with other players for jolly co-operation!
Way of White Co-op Can have a higher chance to find other players online for co-op play



and here’s a couple samples.