Does it matter if you have a good company logo or brand Identity?

Well let’s see!?!?

I use a logo for this site but it’s not my main website so it doesn’t really matter that much to me but imagine if we just made products without logos. Does it matter on how we pick the colors? Imagine toys or superheroes without a logo.




The right colors and design might change you the way you remember a certain brand or a product.

If we dive further into the design- Check out these logos below…


If you picked the shell logo, than I guess we’re on the same page. One of the smallest logos on the bottom. So I guess It doesn’t matter if your logo is bigger or uses better colors. It’s proably how a company markets their brand. Also, it’s not fair to compare a billionaire dollar oil company to a few small free logo designs.  It’s more important to know how to build your company profile than focus on a cool logo. I’m not an expert on marketing or branding in any way, I’m just an apathetic ninja but I think a good logo can be the smallest ninja in the room with the strongest impact.