Emails, Newsletters, Spam, and the Kitchen sink

So the story begins when I teach my dad how to e-mail someone, It was the 90s…

It took him about 2 months to learn how to use it but eventually he figured it out. You click a few buttons here and there, type some stuff here and there, and finaly press a button. It’s not exactly something people have a hard time with now. Of course we are entering that world again. Email Apps, writing business letters, html emails, and custom app messages or social plug ins.  We just made the email system a bit more complicated for the year 2020.  Fortunately we have spam control and we hope that it gets better.  Of course not all email is created the same. I usegmail.  I could use other services but I think its good for now.   So my dad didn’t understand that you can forward your email to a different location. So he thought, why the hell would I do that?spam-mail

My dad was happy with – he’s familiar with it, the cost is cheap, and he can tell people that his email address is

He made a good point. So this is the era where email clients take over. Yup, they can technically control a lot of things, if you look at the big picture.  you might rely on half or all your businesses on your email so why should you forward it?

So sbcglobal is now defunct. They were bought by yahoo, and then bought again by AT&T. They discontinued support and other services with the brand.  Some people might disagree and that’s fine, I have yahoo mail, all my friends have yahoo and stuff. Oh really? Well there was time when had almost half the country messaging each other and within a few years, something bigger came along called
Will facebook go out of business? probably but not as fast as myspace did.

At any rate, I taught my dad how to mask his email, create an alias email, told him to stop being cheap and get a domain/website for his company.

When you print over 10,000 business cards or other expensive marketing brochures/pamphlets/flyers or letterheads, You’d better make sure that email is bulletproof for the next 5 or 10 years.

  • I had his business email address forward to his
  • When people email him, he logs in to his gmail and see’s the new message.
  • He then replies back to that person automatically, using his business alias email address:
  • When I email him to the business email, he might reply back with the normal alias, or this case,
  • He can choose a different alias whenever he wants but it’s normal to set it on the business email for the sake of branding.

tattoo-businessSo now that the sbcglobal, aol, tempcompany, free-email, or yahoo or whatever goes stale (or out of business), he can forward the business email address to another free email company. Of course having a domain can get expensive if you think $100 ~ $150 for 10 years might be too much. I think it might make more sense to just use the free third party email system, although there is no guarantee how long they will provide that service or be look upon as an old email account. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that as long as the email program works, but if you work in the tech industry: it’s like bringing a bicycle to a motorcycle race.  Most email clients are free so you use them.  I think you should get a domain if you have a business. If it’s for personal use, it doesn’t matter, but if you choose a name it should be good. Think about it as a virtual tattoo.

So I did some research and these newsletters and html emails keep coming to the table.  Honestly, I don’t like they way they are treated because they have so much potential but big businesses abuse them for shitty looking advertsiments and coupons.  You get a design and I’ve seen a few that are nice but for the most part, my gmail blocks the images unless I uncheck the display image settings. So iff you’re wondering what people see? they see a bunch of text in boxes. Sometimes they’ll see everything nice and pretty but most cases, image links can lead to a lot of dangerous spam or phished sites.

So here’s a simple breakdown in case you’re wondering.


So let’s move on to our newsletters.

The cheapest way to send a newsletters is look for a free email to html program and learn how to use it, wordpress offers a lot free applications so look around.

mail-letterOf course mail chimp and other parties offer a lot of nice premium plug ins and usually the paid ones are a lot nicer. I don’t think you should spend more than $30 on an email program that just creates html style templates.  Shit, there are $10 plug ins that can do almost the same thing.  So the basic format is to copy the html newsletter and paste it into your gmail. and Wham! there you go. Emails use html tables. I don’t like tables. I like IKEA tables and poker tables but not html tables.  If you want, post a comment and I’ll put and example.

And if you want to put an email like this:
Here’s the code

<p>Send Me an Email</p>
<a href=""> </a>
<p> thank you </p>


Thank you Seattle!