Expectation vs Reality

Expectations are good, but reality can be a sleazy salesman that sold you some bullshit and now you regret it.

Reality can be wonderful but it comes with hard work, dedication and sometimes, a bit of luck.  So why I am writing this blog as a web developer? Everybody’s expectation should always be higher than reality. These kinds of things move us forward as human beings with a wonderful sense of imagination.  So let’s take a steps towards reality first.  I think after years of building websites that range from quick half-fast projects to weeks of intense coding.

The quality shows at the end of the life cycle and final delivery. What I’ve been noticing a lot in the current web market is the need for a “DIY” Do it yourself website project. This also includes other do it yourself skills that include photography, DIY blogging/writing/social media, do it yourself web hosting, e-commerce, and updating.  An automated system is expected when you have less time but more money to invest so you might use hire third party services to get stock photography, content sharing, social media apps to do the work of automation instead of manually taking photos, cropping them and updating your website from your busy life.  You are doing what is expected as entrepreneur or a DIY person in life. So then you realize it’s not that hard after all.


Anyone can do it,


Just follow the steps that the last 1,000 people have done already and you will be successful at it and gain a new experience in the process and feel a sense of personal accomplishment.  Now that you can do it or tried, the next step is expectation.  What do you expect people to pay for your product, how important is it to invest in your service or product? Asking lots of questions? Why does an iPhone cost more than a flip phone?  Why is your art work more valuable than the other artist? Why is your design more valued than the other designers?  What makes you special? The market determines most of it but you that’s the average. Is your service or product average?

Quality is something that makes this market different.  Websites are 99.9% visual products. The other 0.01% is if the website works or not, and if it doesn’t work, then you have to ask yourself how important is this project if a specific feature doesn’t work? I’ve seen thousands of websites where something doesn’t work right, I can imagine a day where something on this site becomes deprecated or not up to date and it fails to do its job.  For example a contact button, how easy it to use? How come some websites have so much crap on it that you almost have to learn how to use it when you probably shouldn’t.  Then you realize, that


Nobody wants do it.


Sometimes there’s too much work involved and has no real monetary value or return.  I think the most important thing from a business point of view is making the customer happy. That’s how money becomes related in the grand scheme of businesses and services. Even if there’s no money involved in the beginning, if it makes people happy, then I feel someone will want to be a part of it, pay for it or turn it into a business.  That’s when you’ll realize that if you’re the only one making a profit from it, others will copy you (really fast).

I’m going on a tangent but the example of the Thanksgiving dinner image (featured image) was sort of an analogy of someone that had the best Thanksgiving dinner in their life and wanted to make a profit and an came up with affordable product for everyone to experience.  You can get a $2.99 Thanksgiving meal or spend hours of prep time cooking and growing vegetables in your backyard and hunt for a Turkey and finally end up with an elegant Thanksgiving dinner but the process is different, very different. Websites are the same.

You can get a cheap website for almost nothing or pay a lot more for an elegant website framework and spend hours customizing it so it fulfills your expectation.  You “could” get full for $2.99 if you really think about it but life isn’t always about only money, its about the quality of life.  Some people are satisfied with a TV dinner, I like TV dinners but I also like nice elegant meals too.    Eventually I think in a long enough time period,

Everyone will do it.


That’s the beauty of a DIY attitude, it gives you the strength to try and succeed, and the wisdom of a hard floor as you fail when you jump too high.  You are not going to be good at everything but the opportunity is there. Well at least I hope for it is for everyone.  So ask a lot of questions, shop around,  taste different meals or learn about it online, and when you make a decision, ask yourself, how important and is this and is it worth my time?