Fixing broken websites because the original developer did it wrong.

So everybody is on a tight budget and it’s true that you pay for what you get, sometimes you get a good deal, and sometimes the deal is too good to be true or sometimes you are getting ripped off. Either way, some are just plain bad news but that’s why we have technology to improve things and make our future a little easier.

At any rate, I’m going to put a list of websites that I’ve come across that have mistakes that I want to fix, in the process of fixing for a client, have already fixed, or just smh (shaking my head).

This¬†hyperlink is all wrong, it’s bad for SEO and risk of a major security problem.

Exhibit A.




Here’s another small SEO example of what you should not do when you hire the SEO person that adds blog content to your website. Don’t add lots of similar blog postings within a few days apart or “all of it on the same day” of publishing. Oh yeah, that looks totally legit ūüôĀ ¬†cause it’s totally normal for your sitemap to have all the news content to happen in one day!!!? ¬†Google will also catch it cause you’re not fooling anyone. Don’t be that person.

Exhibit B.


This is one is more about photography than web coding but it plays an imperative role for web developers and web designers. Hire a good photographer or use good photos.

It’s a minor issue but here is a photo with a thick black spot where the camera lens reflects on the product photo.

Exhibit C 


So let’s get back on track with building a good website and why it’s important to get some of
basic concepts fixed. ¬†So let’s say we go to Google and look for your company because that’s what people
do when they don’t if they spelled the word, “pontificate” correctly. But in this example let’s look for honor coffee.

Oh shit what the fuck is that? I’m glad Facebook is helping them out. They need to fix their meta data.
They don’t all the bells and whistles that come with meta data. I mean shit, I’m missing a few on my website
like the bingbot, language, keywords. alt tags, and a few other ones but you should have at a basic description.

See Exhibit D

Exhibit D



Content management systems are good but we know that nothing last forever but we can always think about the future and transfer data to a new server or at least other kinds of simple .xml formats.  Everything is else is going to be manually updated or fixed with a good developer.

So this one is bit more complex but we can keep it simple with a typical free or cheap WordPress theme. ¬†So there’s a blog design but the original¬†Wordpress designer has quit and hasn’t updated that theme. See¬† innovus partners

No problem if you want to change the theme to a new, just purchase one or get¬†a new design from a good WordPress web developer. ¬†If you plan on keeping the same design, well? ¬†That’s not going to be easy if the plugins, framework, and system design¬†are not updatable. ¬†So here’s Exhibit E.


Exhibit E.


You can find the theme used in WordPress site by looking at the source. usually after theme/sometheme/style.css


The person or company that created this theme was called Themize. (Catchy name) Almost as good as Boaty McBoatface.




The original theme company went out of business. Will they come back? Maybe, maybe not but in the meantime, your theme updates have been abandoned.  Good Luck.

Exhibit F.




What are you guys smoking? Crack “Cocaine is a hell of a drug. ” ¬†So I like Microsoft for being the godfather of personal computers and foundation of the world wide web. I don’t know if they’re giving up or recycling old ideas into something but

I came across their tools for building web sites and their CSS navigation doesn’t work on Chrome. ¬†I didn’t go to their site on purpose to fish for problems, they got a ton of smart people just a small bug but not on their page that sells web applications, do it on a XBOX site or something ¬†that is non-website based. Come on. ¬†As you notice, the site menu (CSS on the nav ) is all jumbled up! You’re a Fortune 500 Company not a Lemonade stand!


A few more to, Go Daddy’s WordPress problem, can’t delete the theme, uploads images doesn’t work and finally doesn’t work and shows as pending- what the fuck. I’ve seen a few servers from Bluehost or Hostgator or Dreamhost that ran into the media library problems but the other are pretty bad and haven’t run it that problem. Keep in mind, I’m testing on the default theme to test.



That one was expected cause I’ve experience bad quality and service from Go Daddy but¬†didn’t expect shit the hit the fan that bad.