Free Website Design Download

but-its-freeEverybody likes free stuff so in the past, I wrote and uploaded a free template but it was not dynamic. It was a single page HTML/XHTML website so I decided to take it down and make a revised version that uses HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3, Angularjs, and Less. (Although the less is compiled already).    This free template responsive, mobile ready and free to use if you want to sell it, tweak it out, upgrade it, or just want to see how the code works. I think the Angularjs could use some more “copy/paste” and make sure you delete the nav links. They were used as examples.  It’s not a great design, but I mostly wanted to focus on the framework. It’s actually kind of boring but download it if you want to get started on Bootstrap3, Angularjs, and maybe a little Less. If you want to see the test website, you can click right here. If not, go straight to the download link listed below.

I would recommend learning how to build a website with a simple html5 and css layout. You can do the scripts later if you’re a newbie.  Most people can learn html5 and css within a fews days or weeks. If you look at the logic, it’s pretty simple. The css color for example is as simple as color:red or background-color: green. The color will be red when it is set up right.

You’re probably not going to run into any complicated numbers unless you start playing around with  css3, less, javascript and bootstrap.  For me, web design is more of an art form. Although the logic is all math, you really have to step back and decide the colors, the curves, the shadow…I’m guessing the old cliche of thinking outside the box.