Good Intentions, Unexpected Results, Does the Program work?

The wounded warrior project is a great idea to help wounded troops and get them back into the workforce. This program should be a standard for all countries and nations.  But then again, how does it work and what are the intentions.  I saw it and knew something was strange when I saw the hiring process.  There's a tax incentive for corporations, so they hired a soldier without any computer skills to join this company and the management thought he would learn on his own.  Some companies offer "on the job" training because its easy, like fast food but not in a high skilled environment like a surgeon, database programmer, or a law office.  That's what grants and educational programs are for.  It's a challenge to get soldiers back in the work force when they go through so much psychological, emotional and physical damage on the battlefield, but it's even worse to just give a high tech job to someone that is not capable of doing it and putting him in a corner office by himself and then let him go after two months due to "lack of training". 

So what happened today? the management laid him off. And what do you think they're going to tomorrow, yup, hire another  wounded warrior so they can take advantage of that tax incentive.  Let's just call him John Doe. John wasn't all there, he's having major difficulties and can't understand how to use an email properly.  The management team said we can only train him for one hour per week. It's impossible.  I got to know him pretty well, he was a nice guy, he said a few things that would get him an hr violation but overall, willing to learn. He had no experience in the tech field but he was willing to learn he took classes or had projects that didn't require coding. I realized that the management team was a joke, It's like they were hiring a handicapped person because you feel sorry for him and stick him by the window as though he's floating along a parade and the customers are happy see the company as diverse, non-discriminatory, and humble. What you're really doing as a company is using him as a cheap tool for a lump of cash. It's the oldest & phoniest public display of self arrogance and ignorance all wrapped up in a ball of shit.  If you're going to hire someone, treat them like a human, see what the soldiers wants, his or her passion and abilities, what is expected from them, and also make sure they can learn how to grow and understand this working environment is a different kind of battlefield. It's filled with passive aggressive business people, liars, half-ass low quality consumer products, and lawsuits.