Grace Hopper

If there is one hero that doesn’t get the credit that she deserves, It’s Grace Hopper. (…mic drop)

Dr. Grace Murray Hopper was an amazing human being who grandly rose to the challenges of programming the first computers.  She was a leader in software development concepts, and changed compilers forever.

Like most computer scientists, she graduated with a BA in mathematics and physics.   She was one of four women in a doctoral program of ten students, and her doctorate in mathematics. There a ton of resources online to learn more if you are interested, I definitely don’t have enough knowledge and accuracy to give you details about her life story but she needs to be honored, no doubt.

She’s an inspiration to women and scientists everywhere.   I wanted to make a personal note that recently I “liked” her on facebook and realized that there was only about 3,000 people that did.  I was a bit disappointed but I guess it doesn’t matter because social networking sites like that are only for fun right? However I stumbled upon other people along the way and I was really disappointed to know that celebrities like Paris Hilton and the Kardashians get millions of likes but contribute very little to the world.  Is it a lack of interest to honor amazing and intelligent people or is it something else?