How should I structure my page in a website?

OK, that is a loaded question motherfucka? What do you mean? the link, the contents, the css, the header, h1? what do you mean structure? Well let’s begin by the basics. You need a title for the page. Usually shows up on the top somewhere.

Second, you should add tags that explain who wrote the article, and last lots of good content that people want to share or it’s worth reading. Sure people have fucking cat journals and shit that really has a lot of lame content but at least you know by the link or title, it leads you in the right direction.

There is a difference between a page and a posting.  A page is timeless, like a page in a good book.  You do not update it unless there’s a major change in events.  For example,  A Contact page, you do NOT use a post, it doesn’t require updates unless you move or change phone numbers.  page-on-book-wordpress It does NOT need a date and it should be on a permanent sitemap that is indexed on all major search engines. Before there were blogs, websites were easy to maintain but it was tedious and you had to keep making multiple pages.  Blog style content management systems (CMS ) require a few pages and then you can have millions of blog posts and organize that shit in the menu/submenu directory by category.  Categories are pages that help users find a particular post.   So there are two different kinds of pages: A full page (contact/about) and a category page.   Some themes have their way of doing things but the easiest way is a three step process.  For example:  Write a post called Mario Bros and categorize it as Video Game.  Place the Video Game category on the main menu and you’re done. Make sure you write what your article is about, keep all tags and other words in the paragraph related to the main title and subtitle in the your story.

Here’s a few books that can help you structure your website better and don’t rely on those website for dummy’s, they’re the cliff notes of web development. Yes, you can watch a movie or a TV show but the books are going to take you to another level and won’t cut out the internal details. Yes, I fucking love movies and the graphics, 3D, special effects, and live action are usually way better on film than a book but do you really know what the protagonist is going through if you get a shitty actor/actress and a shitty screenplay version. Yes, you lose two hours of your life with a big slap in your face and a bad taste in your mouth if the movie/tv industry fuck it up.

Here it is everyone: read.

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