How to Clear your Cache

Most Web Browsers hold what’s called a cache. A cache is  previously visited pages on your computer’s hard drive so that when you go back to that page, it will  load much faster.

When you clear your cache, you lose that bit of information but your get a fresh new page or update from your website.

How do you do it?

That’s easy, here’s an example




Here is the Shift button for a PC



The next thing you will do is click on to the Reload button on your web browser while holding down the “Shift” key and you will see that the browser will clear your cache system. Some websites store a cache for speed but usually news or blog content when updated to the server.


Let’s try it here.
Before you click on this link. Remember that there will be an image a rabbit on a bicycle under the red title of Image Gif.
When you reload or refresh your browser, the wheels won’t spin. If you hold the shift and reload button,  you will see the that bicycle wheels will spin for about 6 – 7 seconds.


You can also using another browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox you are testing whether your current one is causing the problem.





Clearing cookies

When cookies have been sitting in your browser for some time they can get corrupted and cause problems for web browsing so it is recommended that you clear your cookies from time to time.

Cookies help make your web browsing more convenient by remembering your settings, so we only want to delete ones that are causing issues.

Here’s a link to learn how to clear your cookies.