How to Organize the Navigation Menu Correctly

Menu Example

It’s important to make the navigation as simple and intuitive for the user to get to the right post or page.

As you notice. Pages are not blog or news posts. Pages are fixed, never changed and don’t really have a date.They are timeless.

Pages can be revised once in a while but they are usually set in stone.   News Postings can be revised but they are suppose to be the fresh news, the upcoming events, lots of description, photos, comments and tags. It’s the meat of the website.  You are going to use this to your advantage.


This is the hard part.  But you can do it.

Does the post about dancing fall into the category under clubs or performance arts?

That’s right. It depends on the contents.  If it’s an article about ballet, it would probably fall in to the category of performance arts.  If it’s an article about swing dancing or going to a mosh pit, it’s probably a club.   You’ll notice how the “blog” category can stand by itself it doesn’t fit anywhere. Consider that the wild card.   Place anything that is uncategorized in there.  An art work that has both classical and modern elements can be placed in the art section/classical/modern. If it is a winter topic. It can be placed in the Special Events and in the Winter Season. But if I created a Summer Season.  Obviously, I would not add that to the Summer event if you wanted to make your website look busy: It’s frowned upon and it’s bad for the sitemap and SEO.  It might be creative to make a menu completely out of the regular norm but you also take that  change of getting lost on the website.  For the most part, make it easy to understand and keep words to a minimum.  Some times we don’t need extra words, in this case supermarket case below.

We can just say Bakery. We don’t need to label or brand it as the Bakery or a Bakery.  or the Deli if it was on a navigation. How you do keep it short and simple?



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