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So you hear it all the time with web developers.

First you have to understand the origins and fundamentals.

It came from HTML, which is a HyperText Markup Language.
HTML5 is the newer (2008~) markup language used primarily in structuring and formatting a website. It has a lot of cool new features that has some javascript-like (ie, input required/focus) properties and makes life a lot easier.  I’m sure you will look it up in wikipedia to get a full understanding of it.   So let’s begin. I think everyone that builds a website has a tutorial somewhere out there about HTML and CSS. I usually think it’s some random shy and nerdy but brave kid in the world, who loves computers and life. That’s a good start.  So every document must or should start with a doctype.


<!DOCTYPE html>


As you get further into developing a basic html document. It should contain something like this:


<!DOCTYPE html>


	<title>My First Website</title>



	This is the part where you enter some awesome stories, text, and things that will inspire other to learn HTML5




As you learn and read more about HTML from books, there are many software, professional educational websites like codeacademy or khan academy. And if you want to take a chance, there are plenty of free “good” youtube videos available. Also if you are wondering how I put the light gray color in this site to show you the actual code.  You use the <pre> enter code here </pre> tags in the html side. The colors and text will appear differently than the rest of the page.

The colors that appear are coming from the CSS also known as the Cascading Style Sheets.  CSS is the magic used for a web designer. As a web developer, most of the magic is in the javascript, JQuery, and server side script. Although they tend to intermix.  CSS3 is the newer (2011~) stylesheet and it includes animation and transition.  I love CSS3 and can’t wait for CSS4 in the future.  I will be adding more info  about html5 in the future. Thank you.

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