Lara Scotton Tattoo Artist

Lara Scotton: The Classic Tattoo artist from Milan, Italy.

lara-scotton-tattoo-artistLara Scotton is an amazing artist, tattooer, and painter. I think she will knock you out like punch to your face.  Her natural beauty is like knife through your heart.  She can kick your ass in foosball (Calcio) but can also make a wonderful marinara sauce.  Once in a lifetime, you will meet someone like her. If not, wait until you reincarnate when the moons align .

Some of the best tattoo artists live or work in New York. There are talented tattoo artist like Lara Scotton that come from all parts of the world.  Everybody is looking for the best tattoo shops in the world.  The best way to find a tattoo artist is too ask them who they like or what or who inspired them to start.  I think all artists in the world respect their predecessors and they will pass the torch over.  Musicians, artists, writers, politicians, and scientist will look at history for the sole purpose of creating a meaning to all the chaos in the world.  It’s her passion for art that makes her different from many tattooers. lara-tattoo-flowerThere’s a lot of stories about tattoo artist that do it because the money is good or care about the “tattoo business” versus actual tattoo art.  She’s an artist by nature. She’s as humble as a lamb and hard working as a physicist.  Her heart is pure and filled with love for the arts. She inspires me and if you look at her artwork, she will inspire you.