Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design

This Javascript book is pretty bad ass- and that’s in a good way.If you want to learn
the basics of Javascript without all the crap of cross browser issues, I would strongly
recommend Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design. All programmers make mistakes, it is inevitable. I found a typo in his book but it happens and he keeps a log of silly little errors like that. Imagine, you miss a period or a semi colon and your entire website stops working. It’s sad but true. You will get a better understanding of how alot of old websites are getting phased out and new browser implementations.

It’s a good and easy read for beginners. It really cleaned up my Javascript and helped me fix a lot of problems I had a with old browsers like ie 8/9.I think Javascript is where most people get frustrated when they learn how to code websites. They first learn HTML and CSS like I did but they realize that they’re tapping into the world of scripting and the very
beginning of object oriented programming. Although Javascript is by no means, a language like Python, C#, C++, or Java.

They have similar statements and functions like if/else, switch, loop, etc.
This book will open door for you and understand the modern functions and methods
to use for current browsers. You can directly to his website or check it
out on Amazon: Modern JavaScript: Develop and Design

Or you can support the small publishers and forget about the middle man.

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