Ninja Movies – Always Good when you’re a child, Always Suck when you Grow up.

Who the fuck watches ninja movies?

I haven’t written a post in while, especially in the junk food section but this a movie critique and probably a really bad one.


Well I do. I watch all kinds of good documentaries and movies from Amadeus, the Corporation, Dead Poets Society,  Seven Samurai, Edward Scissorhands, Citizen Kane, the Godfather, Fight Club, to Singing the Rain but it doesn’t hurt to watch a bad cheezy movie once in a while.  So ninja movies. I grew up watching them as kid. So awesome back then, why would you want to learn computer programming or want to become doctor but then I look at back at it now. WOW what a fucking joke, bad actors and a stupid plot. Ninjas are supposed to be these mysterious fighters that hide in the night and their only purpose is to do bad things. I think a lot of kids want to be ninjas. You fucking run around all day, feel agile, want to be some kind of hidden but important person in the world. whatever.

If you ever read the context of ninjas.  It’s true, they were kinda like the terrorists, espionage/assassins of our generation.    Over the years, they have become marketing tools for web designers and marketing companies and definitely no cooler than a cheap halloween costume but they are kind of bad ass if you look at the history.

I mean if you look at the feudal era of Japan, they actually took down skillful samurai’s.  That’s pretty rebellious and you have to have a lot of skills to take them down with all the legendary training and martial art skills of the Samurai.

At any rate, I can’t believe I used to watch this shit.   But I still want to see a really good one in the future.  I’ve seen that ninja assassin and it was good but it still has a really stupid plot and the actors are still horrible, just more violence and the editing or CGI is better but it still blows cause the writing sucks (like mine).  Well I’m hoping for the one bad ass Ninja movie like they make bad ass cowboy movies (like the good, the bad, an the ugly). I want something kind of serious too.  Even fucking shitty spy movies and one-off horror films get a better budget and cult following like Mission Impossible series and  anything after Nightmare on Elm Street part 2.  Christoper Nolan’s Batman Begins
had a good start for a Ninja story in the scene where Batman begins training as a superhero, minus the batman.  That’s what I mean, something like that with a larger budget, better story, and awesome director (and better actors).  OK… I’m waiting for you awesome ninja writers. If you really want to hurt your enemies, you should buy them this movie: American Ninja 4 – The Annihilation