Really Bad UX and UI design from the past and future?

Eye is in the Beauty of the Beholder. Are you sure about that!?  There are heat mapss that show  where people click or hover their mouse over.

There are analytic reports that show these numbers like it's a beauty contest.

At any rate let's look the problem and just talk about opinions because it's all about yours? isn't that the point? Or is it more about perception.


This shit hurts my eyes

  There's a common rule about design. Does it look good. But that's too arbitrary.  How about can I read it?

Ah… That makes more sense.  Light font on a dark background, dark font on a White background. Simple. If you mix the shades of gray,

it looks nice too but requires a good eye.  Pink, magenta and lime green are definitely hard on the eyes for too long.  But there are websites that have really small font and the one that I personally dislike: TOO MUCH FUCKING INFORMATION!! oh my god! I'm not going to read a 10 page article about information that is completely redundant and boring. The most common one that I see is bad categorization. We do it all the time. A true designer can make any color work and do the best with little ingredients. I don't think I am that great but I don't think I suck either, so keep calm and carry on.

So I have two screen shots of how I perceive modern websites.

Here is My blue pill:


The Blue Pill
The Blue Pill

 And here is My Red Pill

My Red Pill
My Red Pill

 Thanks for checking out this page.

I know it's a cheezy example but It had to be done.  I thnk heat maps are great thing. I think most websites should be simple and sweet. Of course with lots of data, it's

not that easy but There has be a way to structure and mitigate these gnarly sitemaps on the bottom and keep the human contact at the top.  I see them all the time and it's an eye sore for me.