Scrapers Sites, Keyword Stuffing, and that asshole who steals two parking spaces.

These people are known as douchebags.  Not as bad as trolls but they are pretty much wasting their own time and digging their own grave in the process. Why?  Well first off, what is a scraper site?  That’s simple  It’s a website where it takes steals content from another site and makes it appear on their website for the purpose of ad revenue.  Everything pretty much sums this business up with media, advertisement, and the ratings.  I’m guilty of this cause I did it in junior high school, I copied a few lines from another writer and put it my paper. I got an A+ but a feeling of guilt after a while.

At any rate, a proper balance of ads with great content can help you generate a profit. Fair enough.  There’s something fishy with the Wikipedia article about scrapers cause it seems to be edited constantly, it seems like the scrapers are trying to hide the fact that they exist. hmmm…Strange? So why do they continue to do it. it’s Simple. Greed.


Do the least amount of work or make the shittiest product or useless content to drive traffic over to your site and get hits, make a dollar out of nothing. It’s all about the numbers.  For lazy people, that means you have to work and come up with good content and make good products for people to buy or read.  For lazy entrepreneurs, that means you got to hire people who are great writers and make great products.  That usually costs a lot of money unless you do it yourself.

This kind of shit has been going on for fucking ages. Look at photos with watermarks and shit. Professionals watermark photos because they know people will steal their photos. Especially from the internet, you can get stock photos for cheap and sometimes they include a free license to use it. Ah…but you the product shots, or photos that look unique are stand out of the crowd, well that shit costs money.  So people put watermarks to avoid others from copying their photos.  Some people are too lazy or too cheap to get a nice DSLR camera. If you have decent lighting, an iphone can do the job.  Professional photos are called professional for reason, I know everyone thinks they are good at taking photos cause you took photos of your dog, cat or friend and got a sense of empowerment when they said great photo. But moving on to professional photography.   Have you tried?  You should use a nice DSLR, natural lighting, backdrop, and Photoshop the imperfections.   Yup, I remember this one hair dresser, funny but a fucking pompous dilettante prick at almost everything in life but hair.  Let’s name him “Twink” cause I think it’s appropriate.  He was a bit over confident at everything but his mouth did a lot of talking.  So when we had a project for an e-commerce site and it was time to execute. He was like

Oh yeah, let me just get my camera cause I know how to take professional photos real quick. We can finish this in a few minutes.

After 4 hours of “Twink” getting the lighting, focus, and angles all wrong. I had to Photoshop them all to make them look half decent.  Twink was sweating and realized that it was a lot more work than expected.  I mentioned to my old boss that we need to make these products sell themselves with some really creative writing which I’m not good at and my old boss didn’t really care, so he sought out a friend with a lot of creative writing experience.   His Hollywood writer friend was laughing and told him on the speaker phone,

The regular rate is 5 cents per word.

So then my old boss was stuck, he was successful, rich but frugal and didn’t think content writing was worth spending a dime.  So I wrote some creative articles to sell it but it was a bit boring and I started getting stuck, I didn’t have the magical creative writing powder that you buy at the supermarket and sprinkle yourself with when you need to become creative within a few days. <sarcasm>  Oh that’s right, they don’t sell that at the market and I’m not a writer and never went to school for that, I went to school for web graphics, development and programming.  Some people go to school for writing and develop those skills over years and get hired as a creative writer!  I’m guessing my old boss was thinking life is always like that, you just go get that magic sprinkle powder and you become a mechanic, artists, or doctor in a few hours.  However there are outsourcing companies that you can use to get writers so that’s an option if you are serious and on a budget.

So that takes me to the keyword stuffing. Yeah, it’s  what it is.  You will get flagged already when you start putting a lot of irrelevant words or content in your site to drive traffic, your domain will get penalized, even lower your ranking from Google.    Yup Google, Yahoo, and Bing are doing a pretty good of job throwing those stupid ass websites to bottom.

So don’t do it, unless you want to be DFL (dead fucking last) on the ranking.  If you want to learn more about content writing, you should hire a writer with some creative writing experience and a long list of followers. Some bloggers in the UK have over 2 million folllowers and get paid by companies to write.  Everything can be done to make your website content appealing, it can be done really cheap or it can be done professionally. Getting the best of both worlds, that’s another story.