Secrets of the Javascript Ninja

John Resig and Bibeault are true Javascript Ninja’s

I’m sure you know about John Resig, he’s the creator of JQuery. If you’ve built websites and you’ve never used JQuery, then I recommend starting doing that shit now. like yesterday.    The book gets into a variety of advanced Javascript concepts but it emphasizes the problems with old browsers and a lot of debugging.  The most important concept in this book is the use of anonymous functions, prototypes, and cross browser strategies.

Although they didn’t use a ninja for the front cover of the book, I thought it was a bit ironic but it works cause the samurai is a noble warrior and I think it looks a lot more pleasing for to know that it’s all just syntax. I know a few security consultants (hackers) that work for Microsoft and Amazon and they would probably see the ninja as their mascot.  I can see front end web developers that like javascript utilizing the Samurai although there is a mystery that surrounds the ninja lifestyle.

In one of the test results of Regressions in Chapter 11, the author notes that IE9 added DOM2 Level support for event handlers. Yeah, I never like that proprietary “attachEvent” shit really. It’s a  real pain in the ass when you have to do he if-else shit when binding event functions.

Well I hope you get a chance to read the book, Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja and improve your Javascript Ninja skills.