Quality Control Testing

Managements systems are easy to use but it requires more updates to work with third party programs and modules. Some programs and apps are made only for Android, Apple, or Microsoft, so quality assurance tests are updated constantly to check the compatibility and functionality of these devices so operate smoothly with the current updates.  Websites are the most accessible collections of web pages used to get information online because they can be accessed by almost all proprietary online devices and public web browsers.

This is why it’s important to understand the difference between lower quality stand-alone sites versus higher quality CMS programs that have better features but require more updates.  Content management systems are often targets of spam, hacks, and security vulnerabilities but also have ways to counter that with various anti-spam programs, security tools, quality control testing protocols to combat potential attacks and mitigate risks before they could happen.

Ensuring that all programs are up to date and we verify that all the sites meet the highest standards for quality assurance testing.  The most important feature of QA is protecting any sensitive customer data with quality secure sockets layer (SSL) for establishing an encrypted link between servers and the public.

CMS programs can scale from small personal blogs to larger enterprise style servers with millions of active users. Ninja Cloud Host checks the functionality of your website across the most common web browsers, mobile phones, and desktops.

Our goal is to ensure the final product exceeds the company’s quality standards. In General, QA inspects and tests for defects that can be found in software, systems, and workflows before and during deployment.