Development Process and Management Systems


Our professional web development services follows a set of processes beginning with informational architecture, content management systems (CMS), structuring and organizing content, integration with web apps, wireframes, scalability, adaptability, and finalize it with quality assurance testing and ongoing maintenance updates.  Managements systems make life easy but it’s not a stand-alone program so it requires constant updates to sync with external applications and interact with third party programs that may utilize different modules or functions.   This is why it’s important to understand the difference between stand-alone product versus a product that requires updates as many technology products, services, and programs require constant updates.

Every project should have a custom design that suits your unique business culture, style, and mission. It’s critical that we understand your company goals and audience so we can focus on trends and adapt to challenges that will help increase brand awareness, culture, and overall return on your investment.  We want to know about your goals so you can focus on sales, generating leads, engaging with your audience with a highly customizable and robust content management system.

We start with an informal discovery to learn more about your target audience.  After establishing an algorithm to identify what keywords and marketing strategy works best for your audience, we’ll then qualify the correct actions and pages on the site that is prioritized based on the impact of your bottom line. Wireframes are static images and 2d layouts that are presented as a skeletal blue print of what to expect on a live site.   It’s a simple way of showing the priority and the real estate of a web page. The prototypes are interactive and the team can click through each page a quick look at the user interface (UI).  Once the wireframe is completed, the user-experience (UX) is next step to focus on the emotions and feelings when a user engages with the site. It is imperative to  determine how friendly things are for new users.

All major CMS programs can scale accordingly but will require a larger database or faster server depending on the traffic, this isn’t a major issue when adapting to a cloud network.  The fundamental architecture and database management system in a CMS is designed to scale up or down.

Finally, quality assurance (QA) testing and maintaining the site is what makes Ninja Cloud Host unique.  It’s normal that a salesperson knows about a product they’re selling, but it’s more important they know how to repair and maintain it.  It’s easy to know how something works but also understanding why it works.