Set up Domain and hosting with NinjaCloud Host

So if you want to change nameservers and host with

Just follow the steps after you enter your security questions. If you don’t validate your security questions,

you will not be able to continue.

Step 1. After verifying your account validation, click on the homepage navigation, go to the domains tab and look for my domains on the drop down- see red arrow.



2.  Click on your domain – see registered domain


3. Click on the DNS server settings.


4.  change  the name servers to Custom

change it to





5. Click save, you will get a pop up that says it takes 24 hours.

That’s bullshit, I’ve seen it propagate in 10 minutes, sometimes it takes an hour, I’ve had it take 48 hours once but that was a rare case.

It depends on a lot of factors but usually it’s pretty quick. I think they say 24 hours so people don’t freak the fuck out when it doesn’t populate in 5 seconds.



At anyrate, good luck!