Setting up your Email, MX Record, and thinking about the Future.

This should be an easy one right?


Setting up an email is easy but thinking about how you are going use it in the future is not unless you’re a psychic then I would to hear next week’s lottery number…leave those in the comments below.  So what most people do is get a free one from gmail or hotmail/live. Excellent. But if you have a business and want to keep your personal information separate, you create business gmail or hotmail. Good.  But an employee quits or doesn’t like the way things are going and they are in charge of the password or changes somethings. Oh no.

Step 2.  Create a business email. Easy. is easy to set up. For Go Daddy or other companies, they have a program you can buy or you can use a cpanel like I do and keep a copy in your mail client while forwarding it to another email service like Gmail or Outlook.

Most business uses Outlook but you can also forward that information to your business or personal gmail account. Yes. When you reply,
you can mask your gmail as

So the user doesn’t know what kind of email system you are using.  You can have a 100 email addresses pointed to you gmail account. I also have an example on how to do that on my other posting.

Now why would you do this? Easy, let’s say you don’t want to use gmail or yahoo etc.  You can forward it to the NEW “cool” email company of the future.  Some people might say well I use MS Outlook 2007. Great!  so now you buy a new computer with 2009 or 2011…2015…2020 etc. You have to set up your pop3 or imap again. Great. More work that you have to configure. The easiest thing to do is forward your email over and export that data to your computer. Of course Outlook keeps a copy but do you like purchasing new software all the time? Even Go Daddy charges for email when you can set that up for free in your cpanel account.

Problem! How do I do that? Ok so here’s the MX Record from Go Daddy for example. I want to keep my email connected and stay with Go Daddy’s email client yet use a different hosting service like Bluehost, Dreamhost or Ninja Cloud Host in Seattle.


So basically there is a thing called the MX Record or MX Client, in this case Mail Exchanger.  The priority is set at 0. For Go Daddy, you want to change your cpanel’s MX Client  to this


Priority Points to

You will change this if you are using CPANEL and need to reconfigure the hosting so that the MX record is dealt with Go Daddy and the email will take their “crappy” email service as a priority.  I don’t like it this way cause I use cpanel the way it’s suppose to be.  The cpanel is your server and you can create multiple emails/forwarding/etc. Choose unlimited unless you are creating a no-reply one.


So here is photo of how I generally set it up so I can forward everything.  I would recommend using Gmail.


At any rate, in my next post, I’ll show you how to connect the IMAP or POP3 from cpanel to your PC or MAC if you are using Outlook or something similar.

Finally if you want Gmail to accept those emails from your website (for example: then click here for a tutorial that will show you how.