Social Networking Icons, Analytics, and Do People Care if you Share?

Yes, we do care but there’s a lot crap that we don’t want to see.  We live in an age of twitter, facebook, pinterest, and share everything to grow your online presence without paying a crap load of money for online ads.  The easiest but trickiest way to do it, is make something go viral.  After all, some TV networks made a show about funny videos that are popular on Youtube.  I don’t like it when major corporate television networks tries to narrate what’s funny or not, by which standards and how much did you filter?   I think these new TV shows  are pretty much bullshit cause you can just go to reddit and find the most current funny or coo’ (like so cool ) shit on the net.  So far, the free one that I found is shareoholic  and they also have a plug in for wordpress that looks like this?


It’s pretty rad but It’s has unnecessary shit as well.  It basically adds the button so you don’t have to do all the work by copying the link, images, and then adding it to your facebook or twitter page.  I don’t use it but I’ve installed it for other people and they fucking love it. Here’s an example of what it might look once in you install in your CMS system.


This is an example from Vixen’s Kitchen. Check out her blog by the way.  She makes amazing dishes and works really hard on her blog site!   So I like the one that David Neal made with the simple share. It’s cool, it’s free and I don’t feel like I have to jump around and do hula hoops to make it work.  So good luck sharing your content, the crazier (or more compelling), the better.

The wordpress plug in also has api data but you can see those stats on your social networking icon so it’s a bit redundant unless you use Goolge Analytics and that’s where the marketing and business analysis reports get real.  I also wanted to make commentary about social sharing.   Nobody wants to share your insurance company or chain store that you might work at. OMG, I have to share or like the Office supply store or where I got my car insurance, fuck that shit. I don’t give a shit about that, Seriously!  Let’s save the world, use science because it makes our lives better and discuss the ideas of intelligent human beings.  I could improve my English.  I could improve my Java code.

Here’s how.  I know I have a few likes but I do some local web development in Seattle and some programming so It’s not a big deal, I’m just doing this to be part of the program.  I wouldn’t like some random big company or bank establishment because they have lots of political or financial power.   I like music, I like people who blog about interesting things, I don’t need more car insurance or another credit card and shit like that.  And if you’re trying to be one of those consultants trying to get people to like your advertising consulting company, STAHP.

Write a blog that you’ll read, write a blog that is interesting. Make a product that’s amazing.  The best things in the world are not things but ideas.  Ok I’m getting too lost in the thought but share something that other people would want to share. Love, laughter, compelling stories, social importance, educational experiences, ways to improve our lives, ways to cut our debt and live richer with the spiritual and humanitarian sense in mind. Word to your mother.