Sony ILCE-QX1 Lens-Style Camera Review

This camera is fucking rad, but I’m not a good photographer :/

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It’s a mirror-less digital camera that attaches to your smart phone (Android or iPhone) with the Sony companion app. The Sony IlCE-QX1 came out in 2014 so it’s fairly-ish new I guess. I don’t know that much about cameras but I know a lot of people geek the fuck out of it and I think that’s cool since it’s pretty good hobby with lots of immediate results and lasting memories.  I’m planning on getting a new lens soon. I’m currently using it with the E-mount F1.8 35mm prime lenses. Saw a bunch of Youtube tutorials and it made sense to get one for a lot of street photography.

My next lens will be the SEL16F28 with the VCL-ECU2 Ultra-Wide Converter.  I see the lens sell on eBay and Amazon for $130 to $150. Its pretty good for wide shots, I’ll need that when I go traveling.  I’ll add more photos soon. You’ll probably get better reviews from professionals. I’ll give you my very amateur review, sample photos and what I think about it over time. On a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate myself a 3 or 4 with a camera but I’ll try to get better over time.

Here’s some of my first photos taken with it. I need to figure out how to use it.



I’m planning on getting at tripod next and then some more gear in the future. As far as connecting the wifi/NFC, it’s takes a few seconds to set up. You can’t just press on the camera button to power it on, you have to start your app, then connect your phone via nfc, let it do a digital handshake, and then make sure your have your lens close enough to sync it up but once you do all that, you can start taking photos.


Update: November 2016 – Mt. Baker/Vancouver Canada Random photo gallery

So I need to learn to use the aperture setting. The lens works pretty well in dark lighting, the auto mode is good for day time shots but when you take night shots, it starts to look like a regular digital point and shoot camera. I will be messing around with different manual settings.  I know  there are better lens but for my budget, this is going to be a trial and error. The 35mm 1.8 is definitely awesome and need to use it more often on the streets but it’s too narrow for wide panorama style shots.


Some more photos from Berlin, Germany


So I mainly used the 16mm 2.8sel16f28 with the ultra wide photo but you can tell that it distorts the left and right edges of the image but you can get the most real estate when you are taking landscape or outdoor photos.  If I used the 35mm, that image of the Gedächtniskirche or Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church would have only shown part of the orange tent and maybe half of the sunset.  Also there’s a ton of tourists so getting the wide lens help me get a closer shot instead of sticking in the back and having some the people’s heads in the shot that have better wide angle lenses. I’ll look into new lenses soon but that’s it so far for an amateur photographer.


Some more photos Entiat, Washington 01/2018