Step by Step: Create a Paypal Buy it Now or Add to Cart Button.

1. Of course, the first thing your do is go to paypal.

If you have an account, log in. I would recommend using a strong password with lower case, uppercase, and special characters. Although I think that’s been implemented already.  Also Paypal changes their user interface design every 6 months or so. so it might look a little different but for the most part, it should be like this.

2. So now click on the Merchant Services tabs. See photo


Click on the photo if it’s too hard to read.

3. Ok so now you click on the Create payment buttons for your website.

You should see page that looks like this:


After clicking the create payment button. you will see a screen that looks like this.


Depending on what you want to do, choose the Buy Now.  You can also do Donate by clicking the donate option but you’ll have to sign up and understand that they treat a donation as a non-profit so there might be extra steps on your end.   Well here’s an example of a T-shirt that is $10.00 name Cool Beans, the item id is ABC001 and the tax rate is 9.75% for Seattle. That can be added in the Customize button.


Our example item weighs 1 pound. I will choose my merchant ID. if you don’t have one, choose primary email address.

Now go to the next step (Track Invetory) if you want to track your inventory or step 3 to make additional optional changes. I skipped it for this demo.

4. Click the create button. It’s located on the very bottom.

create-button5. Select Code and paste it to your html editor of your website and you are done.