Stripe: a Simple Online Credit Card payment processor

old-school-credit-card-terminalYou never heard of stripe? Yeah I didn’t either until I noticed that paypal was raising up their fees. I still use paypal and don’t need Stripe…yet.  Stripe is a company that provides a way for individuals and businesses to accept payments over the internet and it was co-founded by brothers Patrick and John Collison.  They’re from Ireland, I think, with a plan to make the world better…I hope.  I remember when I had use those klunky ass things to process a card.

middle-school-credit-card-processorMost people can use Paypal but it gets a bit confusing when they have paypal Pro, advanced, payflow, Express, I mean what the fuck is all that shit right?  Well Stripe uses a simple API key that you can integrate into most CMS systems and e-commerce sites.  I will explain how to do it later but most people just sign up, create a test api key, copy and paste the code in your CMS system and you’re done with test.  The old school credit processors are probably going to disappear with lighter and more efficient technology. Recently target got their latest sercurity problems using the old processor. So you can image how crappy the one with large manual slider thing is in the year 2014.  I don’t even think it will work with new credit cards that don’t have the embossed print.

If it works, go to step two. Get the live api key and enter it in the cart settings and you’re done. leave a comment and I’ll write how to implement in a php environment. Also you need an SSL for this and probably a dedicated ip address. This is an extra security measure cause…you know.

Once you go to your account settings. Active the live test and copy the live API keys.

It’ll look like some crazy numbers and text. Once you place that in your cart site, like WordPress woo-commerce or whatever. You can start accepting payments.

The last time I checked, it was 1 business day when you can received funds or when they transfer it to your bank account.  Yeah, you’ll need one of those too to begin and a social security or business tax ID number.

It’s not that hard, I think but it’s a lot cheaper than paypal if you want to integrate a cart system without having them leave your website. Personally, I still feel very safe with paypal but the monthly costs seems a bit lame if you ask me. Of course paypal has their own version of stripe but it’s not as easy as setting up stripe. In my opinion.

Also Square Up and other companies are getting recognition so you might want to consider those options as well.

Who knows what to expect in 2020 or 2040.  It’ll be awesome…I hope.