How to Copy and Paste HTML Code into your website.

What the fuck!? Everybody knows how to copy paste. So this is for the 1%. So leave them alone and read this post if you don’t know how.

Here is a custom page that you can copy the code below and paste it to your website or wordpress HTML section.

In order to copy something, Please highlight the code with your mouse, right click and choose copy (ctrl + c or command + c). Then you paste it (ctrl + v or command + c) to the html/text section of the post or page in your html page. Keep in mind, do not to paste the code in the Visual side AKA wysiwyg.

Also there’s a lot of coders that copy and paste from word documents and paste it to different content managements systems. And yes, these coders will  sometimes forget to clean it up so you’ll see and extra “<” arrow key or one of these “<!–”  some where in their code or website.  That’s because they copy pasted or were probably rushing it. So try not to copy and post code all the time. it’s a good practice to proof read what you are doing and writing when you work on a project and of course, none of you folks are ever copying and pasting code from stackoverflow~ LOL.
The result will be:

 <a href=""> </a>


If you want to copy an image like this one below.
Please copy and paste the code below

<a href="">
<img src="">

If you want to create an embedded code – please contact me directly.