There are four types of Photographers

Shitty, Average, Good, and Pro


Actually there are probably over a 100 types of photographers but let’s keep it simple because I fall under number 2 (or 3 on a good day). Which is not bad but not good either. Actually it’s 3rd place in ranking so I should not talk about my amateur photography skills and moooooove on.  So we all know the first type and I’m sorry if this is you but actually, No I’m here to make a point. Stop taking crappy out of focus/semi-blurry image and throw away camera, and then share that image with your friends. seriously. So the first one is the terrible and less thann amatuer photographer. They are the ones you hear about on the news where a wedding was ruined or something in that realm. 500-01

We live in a world where we have autofocus and 20 megapixel camera phones.  We even have the image stabilizer option now.    So I saw the photo of a random wine image and noticed, “Damn son, that’s a crappy ass photo”, and it’s a top shot, the image is blurry, dark, and there’s a pair of used sneakers on the side of it. Ok so this doesn’t really matter if it something you just want to show a friend, hey I got the wine. ok see you later.  But I have to admit on occassions, I’ll see bad photos likes this posted on websites and especially on ebay or amazon.    I see it as  sign of laziness and maybe we’re all guilty of it but come on! If you just spend an extra 5 seconds and get the settings right.



Ok so that brings me to the second type. Me. I love using the stock flash and autofocus everytime, I don’t care whether I’m facing the sun or against it, although I know it’s taking a chance of a second shot. But I delete the ones that are blurry and way out of focus. So this might be the most average type in my honest opinion, who knows?  I used to own a digital camera like most people my age and it was easy. It was the best camera for a person on a budget. Point and shoot. No guilt at all. So I guess we can say we all take photos like these.  But as time goes by these will be laughed at, I’m sure but that’s why they are second from the bottom in the my opinion and not 2nd place.  500-02The flash might interfere with the image but at least it’s not blurry and you get a better photo in the meantimee.  The questions is simple, do we want to use these for our website or business? probably not but we do because life is short and we want to get on with our lives.  But what if…we can level up and get a better camera and what if we can use some better lighting? I know if I wanted to buy some wine that I’ve never heard of I think these photos won’t really do it.

500-03The next set of photos are taken by amateur professionals or professionals.  You probably fall into this category the most…ok well maybe not professional but I’m sure you have the potentional.  So here’s the 3rd type of photographer. The semi-pro. Yup, the person who did their homework and spent an extra $500 for that DSLR or high end digital camera.  Of course, the iphone 5 can take lovely photos given the right lighting condition and focus but let’s face it.  The lens and other photo equipment make it all happen along with a bit of photoshop.

So what’s the big deal if you can take really nice photos with camera phones and good lighting? Now it depends on the lens and less noise. Let’s face it, I’m not an expert but photos with less noise and more pixels looks good.  600-03The semi-pro usually takes effective shots and peole love them so why should we continue? Ah…the creative photographer and poweful lens that only the professional knows? The last kind or should I say, the pro.  I’ve worked with professional photographers and they really make it happen. They make a universe that you enjoy or even dream about in even though it might be your backyard or the park in the city. They make the world beautiful, they give you a new perspective, they paint the world in their vision with a filter and a lens. They know how to use photoshop but they can stil make it awesome without it.

500-035They take chances, they make something simple and turn into the most beautiful object possible.   It’s more than just a nice shot. They know what they’re doing because they love doing it.  They know difference between a nice photo and one that people are willing to pay for.  Even from far away, you can still see the image and know the resolution looks good. I made the images around this section smaller on purpose.

I love looking at their photos cause it makes sense. The colors are rich and feel alive.  You can take a step back from everything and see the details as if you were standing right there at the moment.  One of my favorite photographers of all time besides the legends like Ansel Adams and Anton Corbijn is a guy from the middle of America named Sean Steigmeir. He’s actually a cinematoprapher but I think that’s a fancy term for a directory of photography.


There’s a sense of artistic beauty in his photos and a sense of respect for all professionals that do it right.  They can  make the websites go from average to professional, even though there is’t a lot of content on the site.  I hope you find a really good photographer or get serious about photography if you plan on building a nice website.  If you can’t afford it, the other option is stock photo but then you fall into the world of nice but boring looking stock websites. I use stock photos for this blog site because it’s easy and I want to focus more on the content and ideas.  Thanks for checking out this post!




Here’s a list of professional photographers in Seattle that I recommend:

Joel Winter | Videographer/Photographer

more coming soon.