Top 3 Worst Hosting Companies

The are winners but there are also losers.

Welcome to the world of total fucking chaos and listening to crappy elevator music while you wait for the worst possible service in your entire life.

Go Daddy

From most critics on review forums, web blogs and consumer affairs, Go daddy has been ranked the worst.  Their web hosting, customer service, and cpanel is a joke. This is a billion dollar company and their customer service rep might put you on hold for 15 to 30 minutes. When they don’t know how to help you, they can escalate their levels of expertise from 1, 2, 3 to 4.  It’s basically like this… Ask your brother, doesn’t know? Ask your dad? doesn’t know, ask your neighbor?…doesn’t know:  Welcome to Go Daddy’s world.  The Deluxe Go Daddy plan only gives you 25 MySQL databases while most hosting companies that offer a LAMP stack will usually give you unlimited databases for their basic cpanel packages.  The photo below is how confusing it is. A cpanel (control panel) is like an industry standard for most LAMP stack developers.  In this case, the bait and switch technique was letting customers get the trial full cpanel. After a month, they got the limited antiquated economy version of the cpanel that is below the standard. To be fair, no company has a perfect service record and there will always be mistakes but when a company is this large, how often will it fail at customer service?

Their economy package was missing a lot of normal features that come in a standard cpanel. I was testing their cpanel and noticed a lot of missing applications, and lower speeds during the tests.  Even an outdated version of php. really!?  The deluxe package is still limited so they want you get the next package up.  It’s like buying eggs at the supermarket, and Go daddy labeled each one, medium, large and jumbo.  Guess what people, they’re the same fucking size eggs but different prices. Yup, slap on the wrist!

Basically, they are the McDonalds of the internet business world.  They have lots of money to advertise, make their products and commercials “look” sexy and delicious, their employees love to smile, and they have the best price for a meal in the whole entire world.  The bottom line is different, very different.   You get a small shitty burger that was made by a disgruntled employee who doesn’t give a shit and might spit in your food depending on their mood, and the 99 cent deal isn’t so great after you realized that you just gained 5 pounds in 5 days of eating that shit. The introductory promotional meal(deal) gets you hooked and then the price goes up every year and the burgers get smaller. Sound too familiar? The marketing scheme is similar to Go Daddy. They offer you a killer deal but when you actually look at the final product (database/servers), service, and it worth it if you would have paid a few dollars more per year?  Also the biggest complaint was being placed on hold for 30 minutes. Nobody has fucking 30 minutes to hold on the phone.  They also have the “call you back” service, How about “fix the fucking problem now service?”  Yes, people can get angry about these issues.  Go Daddy is basically saying this to the customer, “Look I’m Go Daddy and I’m fucking busy right now, I’ll call you when I have the time to talk about the issue you are having but thanks for paying us a monthly fee, now sit down, shut the fuck up and wait your turn when I’m ready to talk with you.  I think I’ve had better luck at the DMV.


Oh God, these guys are terrible and have reviews as being the worst. I don’t think they are the absolute worst, they suck pretty bad and I think it’s fair to be honest and rank their crappy quality with all major hosting companies.  I don’t like picking on the weak but I disagree with terrible servers and crappy service at a premium price.  I’ve tested a few websites and it’s not as crappy as Go Daddy,  PowWeb, or 1&1 hosting.  They are considered one of the worst web host service providers and if any one come up with a bigger gimmicky name try to bite off of Apple’s ipod, itunes, ipad, etc.    I get it, if you copy Apple, you will be a winner…wrong.


When you Google powweb reviews and you see nothing but negative reviews. That’s a small sign that maybe it’s a shitty hosting company.  There are tons of bad reviews but I think they don’t need more bashing. That’s like picking on the kid in the back of the classroom who’s eating boogers all day.  You just have to understand that it’s you’re fault when there are negative signs all over the web but yet, you choose to shake his hand. I mean, when you sign up with something, do your homework first.

I also  wanted to mention that namecheap falls into that border line “good price but bad service” limbo, because they have NO customer service phone number (2014) to call but they provide really fast service when you send them a chat message. Personally, I need to speak with someone. However, the prices are the lowest for domains so that sort of compensates for their lack of normal service.

It’s like the check out stand at the grocery store.  The fastest one is usually the self check out but sometimes I like the human interaction and feeling that I’m a human and not a robot, I’ll wait for someone to scan my items and put it in a bag. That’s what good service is all about.  Sometimes, I don’t mind waiting in line for that depending on the mood. Anyways, these reviews are written by observational experience and by various national websites.




MISC NOTES: Arguments and Go Daddy complaints regarding their hidden Visitor Overage Protection Plan (2015).