Top 5 Best Web Hosting Companies

Everybody I meet in this industry will always ask, what is the best web hosting company?
I’ve looked at a lot of different web hosting companies and they tend to offer the same unlimited and best service, but it’s not really like that.
There’s only a handful of good Web hosting companies out there and in my honest opinion, 90% of them are total fucking bullshit with customer service from hell.
On the bright side, there’s these 5 that I like a lot.
So let’s begin with Blue Host:


1. Blue Host

So far, the best one right now is Blue Host. But the shit might change if they slip.
I’ve developed a few sites on their servers and they have a solid CPANEL, great customer service, a good price for hosting.  They’re uptime is pretty good. I don’t  think any company will ever truly have a 100% up time due to earthquakes/natural disasters and shit like that unless you live in a dream.  I don’t like that they use those fake customer service images of that girl or guy on the headphone cause you know they don’t look half as professional in real life but they do a good job of marketing, no offense to the dude who works at Bluehost that looks like that messy beard/quasi-homeless looking guy at a hipster bar in Seattle hoarding on to his pabst blue ribbon, and native spirits cigarettes.



2. Green Geeks

These guys are the tech hippies of the Green movement. Very cool, customer service is awesome and I support the Green & peace movement. I ran into a few problems with them about their little price bumps but they were cool to work it out. I’m not sure if management has to do with it but I know they are pretty fast when it comes to customer service. They outsource sometimes to Eastern Europe but it’s guys that are smart and seem like good techno loving euro geeks that deal mainly in Linux servers. I’ve actually spied on one of their back-end developers on linked in, and have to admit these are good, they know to handle their servers and customer service is quick to know what’s wrong instead of the typical ass hats from other web hosting  companies that keep you on hold for 30 minutes and then transfer you to lots of different people.


3. Host Gator

These guys are pretty good, been in business for a long time.   They have a similar set up as green geeks and Bluehost but their website design looks like its aimed towards a certain demographic in  the middle of nowhere where it’s alligators and mud. I’ve never had a major problem with them although they could sharpen up their image a bit, but I guess it’s the inside that matters.



4. A2 Hosting

This company started in 1999 but quickly became a growing phenomenon in the WordPress hosting world. A lot faster than some of the bigger names mentioned above but maintains a fairly competitive price. Their reviews are mentioned numerous times in Cloudflare, Zend server, Prestashop users, and the Drupal association.

5. Host Monster

Hostmonster is pretty good and the prices are cheap. Like most Linux based hosting sites, they do a good job of maintenance.   They have unlimited email options with their hosting and they have 24/7 phone support.  One down side is they don’t support Windows servers but it doesn’t matter if you are building a website with php or wordpress. They have the quick click install for that.



Notable Mentions

WP Engine

This is a pretty expensive web hosting company but they specialize in larger servers for WordPress hosting, have automatic backups down to the core. It’s a good company if you are planning on scaling up with large data and millions of clients.


These guys are the big dogs, Crème de la crème in the web hosting world.  If you’re looking for something like a small blog site about your cat, you should stop and look somewhere else.
Its built like a tank for large scale websites and a lot easier to set up than Google Cloud services or Amazon web services and I love Google and shop on Amazon all the time. They are definitely one of the best large scale web hosting services on the market today.  My only disappointment is that they built their site on Drupal when they could have used a number of newer technology frameworks that use Ruby on Rails, Python, Java or even worse case, Nodejs.

A Small Orange

A small orange is actually not that small but a small team if you want to be specific, they have pretty large, scalable servers all around.

Ninja Cloud Host

This is the low low very low budget, cheap website hosting service that you need for a month or two and maybe even a year.  Prices starting at $3 and its mostly for local Seattle residents.  You must be invited to join, it’s good for small businesses that get light traffic but can scale up with a Cloud Linux based control panel.  It was originally intended for Seattle based residents although some international invitations were given out.  Customer service is pretty much as local as hey dude, did you get my text? Or can we meet up at a coffee shop next week and talk about that upcoming art show in Seattle.