US Government Shutdown 2013 – WTF happens Now?

Ok America, What the fuck happens now as we look at each other kinda  mad, kinda confused,  kinda what!?!.

Republicans and Democrats can not agree on shit.  Basically, this two party system is really about who ever gets 51% and wins!  While the other 49% sits in the dark. It's a fucking game to see who's the bigger asshole and the winners choose the political zeitgeist and philosophy for the majority of Americans.

1. Why did the government shut down?

Congress is like a business and it needs to pay the light bills. They have to downsize and figure out who's gonna pay for it? Congress and Senators will still get paid no matter what. I don't know how that math works but it's pretty fucked up.

2. Why does it have to pass a spending bill in the middle of the year?

Some dude chose the the beginning of October, probably because the crops weren't going to harvest so well during the winter so they had to figure a way make sure they can calculate how to survive financially and environmentally after the winter. I don't fucking know.

3. What's the holdup?

Republicans don't want to pay for health care. You're sick? go get a job and pay for your own medical care attitude, Emergency? go the hospital. it's only $25,000 for an overnight visit. Compare that to the rest of the world that do the same thing for a fraction of the price or even free!?

4. What's wrong with Health Care?

 Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas doesn't like it.

5. What are some of the objections to Public health care?

Opponents say it'll hurt the owners of Wal Mart. We don't want that.  Wal Mart cares about providing good jobs and mental/physical health of Americans.

6. What's the Democrats' defense?

Who's going to pay the bill if someone has an Emergency, Doctors don't like watching people die in front them if they can save them but they can't do it for almost free!?

7. Has this happened before?

Yes, in 1995.

8. Will it happen again?


9. What will this do to the economy?

It fucks it up.

10. How will this affect me?

When you have take piss, you have to wait longer. Or leave the country, you'll have to stay for a while.