Watch out Disneyland, Here comes Animeland

mario-parkAre the Rumors True? is Animeland Adventure Theme Park coming to Tacoma, Washington in the year 2020 ! ? ! ? ! ?!

Of course not!  Do you really think that Atari, Sega, Nintendo, EA, Sony PS4/PS5/PS6, (some owned by Disney) or Microsoft Xbox
are going to split the profit in making the Fucking Ultimate Video Game themed fantasy Amusement park and hotel(s) where kids and adults from all over the world
can play, ride, see characters, and watch the magic of video games and anime in a 30,000 acre (50 m²) property?
The cost would probably be more than Disneyland's $100 tickets but would it be worth it? The biggest problem is that most of the
kids are probably going to play the video games or watch animations that are in the Animeland Adventure park, that would make sense because
obviously it's about video games and animation but that would be a complete waste of time.  I think they should do something like Magic Mountain or
disneyworld. Lego Land but with more dynamics, It would be the largest thing on the planet since Disneyland.