Teenager Ethan Couch kills four in a car accident for drunk driving and gets a 10 year probation sentence in a Luxury clinic

A judge's decision to save a wealthy Texas teen from a 20-year sentence for killing four people and injuring two others due to drunk driving has sparked public outrage. A bullshit psychologist said "Affluenza: helped 16-year-old Ethan Couch get away with 10 years’ probation.  Affluenza is a social anxiety disorder that causes someone to have material desires beyond their control.  It's complete bullshit.

 District Judge Jean Boyd handed down his sentence on Tuesday after three days of testimony from witnesses, victims' family members, investigators and experts.

He ordered the 16-year-old to receive therapy at a long-term, in-patient facility. The teen’s parents would pay for the therapy at a rehabilitation facility in California, costing $450,000 a year.  This kid deserves a beating.


The defense Attorney Dr. G. Dick Miller also deserves a slap in his face. During an interview with Anderson Cooper, Dick kept fidgeting and kept evading the questions by acting like his microphone wasn't working. What a crock of shit.