What is Javascript?

It's a love and hate relationship for me. It's a yellow shield that you can use on the battlefield. um…no.

JavaScript (JS) is a programming language.  You'll probably learn more about it on wikipedia.   For people who don't want to read all good stuff, it's the behavior of a website. When you click something and it changes or toggles information for you, it's probably javascript. It's usually the front end of the site but more and more javascript server-side frameworks today are using it to communicate from the back of the database where there is hidden information to the front.

It was influenced by C. Another language that you might want to learn (so click on it) but JavaScript is a good start for those getting to the modern browser world. 

function toofunky() {
  alert("This Click also works in Javascript but it is not the best way");
  //do other things like confirm or change events on your screen

<span onclick="toofunky()">Hit Me !</span>
<span onclick="alert('This is old way to make an alert but it works');">Hit Me Again!</span>

So let see this if it works ??? Click on the hit me text.

Hit Me !

Hit Me Again!


We will get into the newer and modern ways to use javascript. I just want to show you the very basics of how an alert works in the code. I will get more into it through out the years, although Javascript has been the harder to learn compared to HTML and CSS. I would recommend taking free onlince classes like codeacademy, buying a decent used book, taking real classes at school, or hire a private tutor.

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