What is the purpose of blogging?

Bored? or just got too much information in your head.

Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you paid for a magazine or saw two people reading a magazine? But aren’t blogs a bit useless? Yes, but what about some opinions about fashion, pop culture and politics in all those magazines that you paid for in the past? Everything we read should be published academically, but we give magazines more credit because writers in magazines are backed up by editors, publishers, attorneys, big money, and a shit load of other important factors.  I’m not a great writer, matter of fact, I have a lot of grammatical errors so don’t expect too much, but I’ll try my best.  At any rate, the little things in life, when you’re trying look up a new recipe, or try a new fashion trend, or learn “how to” do something like a quick oil change, is the magazine always better? or faster at delivering the latest information? that’s up to you to decide. For me, hell no, I’m up on youtube, tutorial sites, and blogs like a motherfucker. But I still read and buy text books.

whatkinda-blogger-sMost articles that allow comments and an open dialogue give people a sense of honesty and confidence.  Sure, there are lots of bullshit blogs that are trying to generate as many ads and money as possible but you’ll notice that they either slow down your browser, give you a headache from all their clutter.  Youtube is a good source to learn about Video bloggers. I use it as well although I’m not a video blogger or make a lot of vlogs, here’s a short tutorial on how to clean up some the styling for a website. As far as blogging goes, it definitely makes a difference
when you have amazing content and it’s how you share an interesting experience to your audience with words and photos.  People who are so-called experts in SEO fail to address this issue.
A great writer is going to get a great response, comments that help their SEO, and more shares. A site with a lot of non-sense and boring information will not be successful no matter how much money you throw at it.
The mission is important. Gas stations and liquor stores don’t really need a website.  Third parties like yelp and google maps can give you an idea.

I can give you a few examples where a blog or website is almost useless but a yelp or third party map / app is almost necessary. Places where people drop by for a few minutes and split. Laundry centers, a small supermarket, gas stations, or oil change locations.  useless-siteYou can dump as much money into your website but if the majority of your reviews on yelp and on google are low scores, you’re probably doing something wrong as a company or person. Read the reviews, and take a step back and see what needs improvement. The decoraton and fancy layout you use for the menu doesn’t make the restaurant good, it’s the recipe. So why did I decide to write a blog? I’m not sure why in the deeper meaning of things but I wanted to create a basic tutorial and get few things off of my mind. I’ve always been fascinated with politics, music, technology and most importantly: people.  This site is still new so I will add more posts along the way. As far as the junk food. It’s kinda like a wild card, anything goes. I think every blogger should have one, it’s the spice of life, randomness.