Why do people write so many Blogs?

Writing a blog post is almost like writing an email.

Except you are telling the world what’s going on.  The only difference is you can design the blog post instead of attaching the email. They have email designs that make your email look like a cool newsletter but that can seem a be a bit obnoxious and feel less personal.  I’m going to make this thumbnail photo of Seattle go the left so it looks more like a regular blog post.  Why should you align the image around the text? That’s a good question. header-images-003-150x150 It’s nice to wrap the text along the side of image.  It gives your eyes something to pan around the content while they are reading it instead of just looking at a giant block of text. For example, if you have a lot of small images and want to place them accordingly: it will look really bad when writing recipes or explaining steps to do something from a long list of topics.

When you update the post, always remember to add it to a category.  Taxonomy is important. Always place the post in it’s right category so people can look for a topic on the main menu.  So do you think blogs are replacing magazines or newspapers? Ask yourself this, When was the last time you’ve seen more than 2 people in a coffee shop read a magazine or newspaper. That’s your answer.  So blogs are increasingly because its the basic foundation of a website, it’s input and output.  People love to express themselves, their experiences and one day they might turn into a book. It can be a diary or science project with links to imperative factual data and studies. It’s the key to open up the doors for others. It’s an open blog, it’s not a private network where you need to log in to a social networking site.  Some blogs are completely crass but there’s some that are pretty fucking bad ass. At any rate, keep blogging America, keep your opinions strong but the facts stronger.