Why do you have 5 different emails?

Really!? Ok so I’m a bit guilty of this shit but I’ll tell you why.

So first off, I got a personal life. Doesn’t everybody?  I get a lot of mail forwarded to my email and it’s a lot of crap that needs to go to the spam folder. Secondly I’ve come to realize the there are lots and lots of companies that want to keep you in the loop but you don’t want to delete them because they might be something about your bill or important update that will affect your monthly fee.  The kind of shit that makes you want to look for a cheap service or company.

Anyways so I have my personal one that I sent to friends and family.  The other one is my business and blog. I got two more and that’s for wordpress and the other one is for no-reply.  I have others that get forwarded because I’m a web dude, i got a bunch of websites I manage so let’s talk about the other two for wordpress and no-reply.  So the no-reply is used a lot for websites that I really don’t care about. I know if i want that free coupon or discount code, I have to sign up right? yup, they want your facebook info, they want you to like it (like my website cough cough) so it’s everywhere. Do I want to get spammed, hell no. Do I do massive email marketing to people? nope. Do i post a lot of crap on my facebook , rarely.  But still even if I posted one thing on facebook per year, imagine all the 100 million facebook pages that post shit or email crap to you everyday? That shit will make your head explode like Arnold in Total Recall.

fuck-email-spamSo the no-reply@yourwebsite.com helps a lot because you can use it to sign up for shit and never have to check the other crap that comes with it. They probably want to confirm but that’s ok, go on with your bad self and check that confirmation button and you’re done.  Never have to worry about that fucking email again…well for a while. So then there is a the wordpress one.  I’ve noticed that the moment you start using a Content management system, there are apps and plug ins that use your email and shoot it out the public. A blog site for example can send you spam comments for the rest of your life.  Life is too short. Ads, marketing, and selling your shit you don’t need is all part of this business. I’m guilty of it so if you don’t “like” my page, no worries.