Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  was pianist and songwriter(1756–1791)

As if you didn’t know. He was born in Vienna, Austria. A place that makes good wieners and awesome music.  An amazing artist, composers of strings, concertos, symphonies, and all forms of classical music. Rock bands would shit their pants if he was alive today. He started at the age of 6, already kicking ass without a doubt.

“Love, love, love—that is the soul of genius.”

orchestraCentral Europe in the mid-18th century was going through a period of change. The remnants of the Holy Roman Empire had divided into small semi-self-governing principalities. Political leadership of small city-states like Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague was in the hands of the wealthy fat arses and they would commission artists and musicians to amuse, inspire, and entertain cause that’s what rich bored people do. The music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods was transitioning toward more full-bodied compositions with complex instrumentation.

The small city-state of Salzburg would be the birthplace of one of the most talented musicans of all time.In 1762, Wolfgang met a number of accomplished musicians and became familiar with their works. Particularity important was his meeting with Johann Christian Bach in London who had a strong influence on Wolfgang. If you don’t know who Bach is, stop reading this post and listen to the pop music that you are fully aware of.

European Pop Star and Fame

By the year 1784, Mozat becomes “the” fucking pop star of Europe.  During a five-week period, he appeared in 22 concerts, including five he produced and performed as the soloist. In a typical concert, he would play a selection of existing and improvisational pieces and his various piano concertos.  During that decade he lived like a rock star, not that the cheesy Hollywood life style in hotels and cheap prostitutes and b-models. He was drinking the finest champagnes and caviar in Europe, hanging out with beautiful princesses, and partying in Castles with golden accents.  But all things like this come to an end.  Jealousy, envy, and this dude name Salieri made sure he was going to end his party.  There are lots of rumors about his downfall but Mozart’s lifestyle came to an end, and Austria was at war.  The late 1700s was a new era, Aristocracy was an old state of mind, and a new revolution was on its way.

I think his music will live until the end of time, and continue to influence all musicians until we have androids and robots making it.