YVES SAINT LAURENT is coming to Seattle.

One of my favorite things in the whole world besides computer programming, writing code, and electronic music is fashion.  I’m pretty excited about this exhibit in Seattle.

I also love the works of Tatsuro Horikawa for Julius_7, Odyn Vovk, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Rick Owens, Damir Doma, Yohji Yamamoto, Coco Chanel, and Alexander McQueen. They inspire me a lot.

fashion_yslEveryday in Seattle, I see someone wearing a Teal North face jacket, bulky hiking boots or a Seahawks sports hat. it’s pretty much standard.

I remember that about LA with sandals, surf/beach shorts and a t-shirt.

I don’t fit that demographic so I don’t care, I enjoy a bunch of different styles. From the classy look to that futuristic cyber punk fashion.

We can look back and laugh at some of the bizarre fashion we have in the past but then again, I think we have a lot of timeless fashion designs that keep coming back for a reason: it’s good.

Leather jackets, a proper suit, evening dresses, military fashion, combat boots, and nice big warm coats. yup. I love that.

The haute couture garments really make it special.

I think we’re all waiting for a break through in fashion. 

We can’t always get what we want but there are cheap ways to choose patterns, colors,  and try to end up with a nice sense of identity and individuality.

When you get older, your fashion gets better, and if it doesn’t -well then I think you’re making a terrible mistake of just letting society dress you up.