Kevin Simpson
Kidder Mathews

Ken is amazing! I needed an affordable web developer as well as some graphic design services and I was scrambling to find someone.

He's fast, knowledgeable and continued to impress me with his abilities. I intend to keep using Ken for his services throughout my career for future endeavors. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs these services.

Joel Winter
Winter Media

Ken is super saavy in regards to SEO, multiple programming languages/scripts, and overall web developing. Great business ethics, customer service, and just an awesome dude!

Kristin H.
The Cookin Chicks

Ken is incredibly knowledgeable at what he does and provides service at a great price.
He is honest, quick, and is available to help at any time. He got my new website up and running and even after it was completed, he was available to answer any questions I had or help with any last minute issues.
Great to work with, great response time, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone!!

Ian Weinberg
Ian Fitness

Ken saved the day! I needed to make some updates to my existing website, and my current developer was no where to be found! Ken was able to meet quickly, help me update what I needed to, and then was able to help me with about 13 other things that were also on my list. I have since hired to work on to additional projects and he has quickly become my go to web guy here in Seattle.

Speed of implementation and trustworthy are valuable characteristics for web guys and Ken shines in these areas. You won't be disappointed!

Brook Clark
Studio B

So thankful that I found Ken and Seattle Ninja to help me with my business website Search Engine Optimization.

Full disclosure...SEO and hot forks in my eyeballs are pretty much right on par with one another but in point of fact -- we really needed help so I got online and began researching. Prior to connecting with Ken, I had spoken with four different companies and it was all so confusing, I nearly gave up. If SEO and web development was a car, Seattle Ninja would be the mechanic you'd want under the hood. Sincerely, I didn't understand like 90% of what was said as it pertained to the technicals as he was working but the thing that is really nice about Ken is that he documents exactly what he's doing in writing. His follow up was excellent and he went above and beyond in every way.

Joy Sircar
Kahini Fashion

Ken did a great job in setting up the site within a couple of days. He was also very helpful and gave me suggestions which were above and beyond what he was hired to do. He taught me how to maintain the website as well.

Best of all, every time I had a technical issue with the site, Ken has been available to solve it for me.

I really appreciate having Ken as a business associate and I would strongly recommend him.

David Rabinovitch
Executive Producer

Ken is a creative and highly-skilled designer and producer of everything to do with the web.
He is keen and enthusiastic and a joy to work with. Insightful, original, and practical. I consider Ken part of my team.

David Quasha
The Quasha Man

I run my own design business and I was lucky enough to find Ken when I needed help with web development for a client. Ken is knowledgeable, patient and has a very clear command of his technical skills. he is very astute with the details but also has a keen eye on big picture goals such as SEO, online marketing, and long term functionality/scalability.

It is a huge benefit that he prefers in-person contact, as it allows clear communication and maximal results for the time invested. he is also professional, punctual and reliable - from the first meeting forward, and has excellent communication skills.

I highly recommend ken for anyone looking for smart, effective web solutions of any kind. I will be using his services again for sure.

Bogdana Manole
Montessori School

I whole heartedly recommend working with Ken! I own a Montessori school and wanted an updated website that was easier to navigate. Ken is very knowledgeable in his craft, worked very fast to accommodate my tight deadline, answered emails and calls immediately, and helped me understand the necessary details of a good website.
Ken is honest, open and a great person to know! The website he built for my school is beautiful!

Ariana Adireh
Ariana Designs

I was very pleased with the service provided by Ken. He did excellent job in helping me create my website the way I wanted it and was very knowledgeable in his field of work. I would definitely use his service again.