A really awesome CSS3 Animation Book

This is a strong recommendation for everyone who wants to Learn CSS3.

Alexis Goldstein makes it really easy to understand the basics and even gives you some really good tips on JQuery.

I’ve heard that Alexis Goldstein is really smart, very nice, and is an amazing writer, programmer, and she’s an activist serving as the Communications Director for the nonprofit The Other 98%. I also think she’s really cute but that’s just my opinion.

Well Here’s some basic insights on the book.

• Employing free tools to make the most of CSS3’s capabilities
• Supporting vendor-specific prefixes and checking for HTML5 support
• Leveraging the full power of CSS3 transforms
• Combining transforms with transitions to animate changes over time
• Using keyframe animations to gain fine-grained control over every moment of your animation
• Building 3D-like effects without 3D manipulation
• Using 3D transform properties to control depth
• Creating powerful effects that combine 2D/3D transforms, transitions, and keyframe animations
• Bringing text to life with animation techniques and jQuery
• Creating full-fledged cartoon-style animations
• Visualizing data through animated and interactive infographics

Learning CSS3 Animations and Transitions: A Hands-on Guide to Animating in CSS3 with Transforms, Transitions, Keyframes, and JavaScript